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This blog takes its name from legal definition of American nuclear secrecy, as defined by the Atomic Energy Act of 1946: The term restricted data as used in this section means all data concerning the manufacture or utilization of atomic weapons, the production of fissionable material, or the use of fissionable material in the production of power, but shall not include any data which the. For more about the nuclear past and present, follow @wellerstein on Twitter, and read Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. Tweet Other options: Auto-zoom Don't log usage data Grayscale ma

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  1. The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. by Alex Wellerstein. Visualizations. I enjoy creating new visualizations for matters related to nuclear history and nuclear security. Since it can be hard to find these scattered throughout my blog posts, I have collected some of them here
  2. About me. My name is Alex Wellerstein, and I'm the author and host of this blog. I'm a historian of science who specializes in the history of nuclear weapons and nuclear secrecy. I am an assistant professor of Science and Technology Studies (STS) in the College of Arts and Letters at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey
  3. The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. by Alex Wellerstein. Resources for Teachers, Students, and Researchers. As part of my general blogging on here, I've tried to put together a number of posts that are specifically useful for teachers, students, and other researchers

For more odd nuclear stuff, follow @wellerstein on Twitter. Effects scaling equations taken from Carey Sublette's Nuclear Weapons FAQ. Options: Auto-zoom Don't log anonymous usage data. Tweet! NUKEMAP2 has launched! Try it now Hoboken, New Jersey, United States About Blog Restricted Data is a blog about the past and present of nuclear secrecy and is run by Alex Wellerstein. He is a historian of science who specializes in the history of nuclear weapons and nuclear secrecy. Frequency 3 posts / year Blog blog.nuclearsecrecy.co Blog Nuclear Secrecy. Past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of science. Today's Blog.nuclearsecrecy.com headlines: Observe fresh posts and updates on Blog Nuclear Secrecy. This site offers new content periodically: it has recently posted a few news items

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  1. Blog Secrecy News Strategic Security Blog Disinformation Research Science Policy. A Self-Correcting Classification System? April 20, 2021. FAS Presses for Release of Nuclear Stockpile Data March 11, 2021. For the past three years,.
  2. Hello nuclear history enthusiasts! For a brief moment, you can see my old server, And the blog should be available here: Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. I'm sorry for the inconvenience! best, Alex Wellerstein.
  3. Nuclear Secrecy. The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. Never miss Nuclearsecrecy.com updates: Start reading the news feed of Nuclear Secrecy right away! It has already delivered a few fresh articles to 30.6K users this month. It is generally safe for browsing, so you may click any item to proceed to the site
  4. For more details about the explosive power of nuclear weapons, see NUKEMAP. The hosting services that serve this application are provided by the College of Arts and Letters, Stevens Institute of Technology, in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States. OK. MISSILEMAP β0.2.

Restricted Data is a blog about the history of nuclear weapons and the efforts policy-makers and scientists have made to try to keep this history secret. Its author is Alex Wellerstein, a historian of science at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, US, whose CV includes a one-year stint as the Edward Teller Graduate Fellow in Science and Security Studies at the US. Read Blog.nuclearsecrecy.com news digest here: view the latest Blog Nuclear Secrecy articles and content updates right away or get to their most visited pages.Blog.nuclearsecrecy.com belongs to a group of fairly successful websites. It seems that Blog Nuclear Secrecy content is notably popular in USA Restricted Data is a blog about nuclear secrecy, past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of science. NUKEMAP3D has been discontinued. In 2015-2016, Google discontinued the support and operation of the Google Earth Browser Plugin. This was the core technology that allowed NUKEMAP3D to function

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Nuclear Secrecy Blog: Why NUKEMAP isn't on Google Maps anymore. When I created the NUKEMAP in 2012, the Google Maps API was amazing. It was the best thing in town for creating Javascript mapping mash-ups, cost literally nothing, had an active developer community that added new features on a regular basis, and actually seemed like it was interested in people using their product to develop. Aug 25, 2013 - Restricted Data is a blog about nuclear secrecy, past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of science Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog December 30th, 2012 A fascinating blog documenting the secrecy around nuclear weaponry, past and present, by Alex Wellerstein of the American Institue of Physics

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At the end of March, an interesting article appeared on CNN.com in the TECH section. Entitled Former truck driver deciphers top secrets of first atomic bombs, the article detailed the efforts of John Coster-Mullen to understand the physical aspects of Fat Man and Little Boy, the weapons that gave rise to the atomic age an Environmental Politics and Law (EVST 255)The United States government employed a variety of approaches to protect citizens from danger, including public educ.. If secrecy became the norm, how would science survive? Drawing on troves of declassified files, including records released by the government for the first time through the author's efforts, Restricted Data traces the complex evolution of the US nuclear secrecy regime from the first whisper of the atomic bomb through the mounting tensions of the Cold War and into the early twenty-first century Professor Wellerstein is a historian of nuclear weapons, the creator of the NUKEMAP, the author of the Restricted Data Blog, and developed this application using Cold War-era algorithms that have long since been declassified Alex Wellerstein - Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog 767d 1 tweets I've spent the last few days in Hawaii, talking to journalists, experts, and residents about the lessons of the 2018 ballistic missile alert false alarm

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Nuclear Secrecy Blog May Answer Questions. 11 Sunday May 2014. Posted by illuminatedbeauty in Uncategorized ≈ Leave a comment. Tags. Radiation. Radioactive Mutual vulnerability to nuclear attack is an unresolved, and unpleasant, paradox of the logics of nuclear deterrence. Americans do not like being vulnerable. After the first Chinese nuclear test in 1964, for example, the Johnson administration seriously considered attacking China (including the use of nuclear weapons) to destroy or delay Chinese nuclear capabilities. [10

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  1. dsets, postures, and relations
  2. Alex Wellerstein - Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog Restricted Data is a blog about nuclear secrecy, past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of science
  3. nuclear secrecy blog. The NukeMap - An interactive map with nuclear weapons effects data. ASG Staff February 25, 2019. Looking out over a particularly beautiful sunset dipping below the crisp angular buildings of downtown Los Angeles, it is difficult to believe a singular bomb c..
  4. Declassified documents, as well as Congressional Research Service reports, are published on the Secrecy News blog. Nuclear Information Project. The Nuclear Information Project covers nuclear weapons and arms control and the nuclear fuel cycle
  5. Since 2015, Hollywood, Health & Society has been part of the N Square network of innovators committed to raising awareness of the nuclear threat. This page is dedicated to the media work that HH&S and our fellow cohort members have done. The existential threat of nuclear destruction increased over the past several years (see Doomsday Clock below), with many of the guardrail
  6. g importance of the problem of nuclear weapons has posed an existential threat since the early years of the Cold War and has made this an essential focus
  7. However, the original film has its roots in the pacifist, anti-nuclear movement and reflected Japan's fear of nuclear annihilation. Gojira itself originally was never meant to be a light-hearted character or a savior of any type. The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. Published February 28, 2014

CLASSIFIED NUCLEAR WEAPON DRAWINGS MISSING AT LABS. Classified design drawings used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons have not been properly and reliably maintained at nuclear weapons labs managed by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the Department of Energy Inspector General said in a report last week The first full history of US nuclear secrecy, from its origins in the late 1930s to our post-Cold War present. The American atomic bomb was born in secrecy. From the moment scientists first conceived of its possibility to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and beyond, there were efforts to control the spread of nuclear information and the newly discovered scientific facts that made such. In the section below this, we outline the history of sececy in the nuclear industry. All the evidence available today shows that this secrecy is now even greater. Two big lies are now being sold to the public: 1. that nuclear power is the solution to global warming. 2. that the nuclear energy industry ha Nukemap's latest version - in 3D and with the body counts - has just gone, ahem, live at the Nuclear Secrecy blog, run by Alex Wellerstein, a nuclear-weapons historian at the Center for History of Physics at the American Institute of Physics in College Park, Md Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. Restricted Data is a blog about nuclear secrecy, past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of science at the American Institute of Physics. The Hanford Reach Interpretive Center

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  1. Ronald Reagan and Nuclear War: The SIOP Briefing and IVY LEAGUE 82* On 26 February 1982, one of the most nuclear-averse of Cold War presidents, Ronald Reagan, received his first full briefing on U.S. plans for waging nuclear war against the Soviet Union. Reagan would be told that primary targets for the war plans would be nuclear threat, conventional threat, and economic/industrial targets.
  2. Sep 22, 2017 - Restricted Data is a blog about nuclear secrecy, past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of science
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  4. The Program says it has taken control of nearly 40,000 disused and unwanted nuclear sources -- about 1.25 million Curies of radioactive material -- from 1,400 sites in the US and 25 other countries. The achievements of the Program were summarized last week in Strengthening Cradle-to-Grave Control of Radioactive Sources by Bill Stewart, Los Alamos National Laboratory, December 11, 2017

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  1. Nuclear Repression, not Nuclear Renaissance, in Jaitapur, India. Jaitapur's people are more concerned about being treated as sub-humans by the state, which has unleashed savage repression, including hundreds of arrests, illegal detentions and orders prohibiting peaceful assemblies
  2. Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog December 23rd, 2015 . Some of you might find this interesting: Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. About. Posted in Energy, War | Top Of Page. Leave a Reply. Click here to cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment
  3. Restricted Data is a blog about nuclear secrecy, past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of science. Fonte: Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog
  4. Sep 8, 2020 - Restricted Data is a blog about nuclear secrecy, past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of science
  5. He is also the author of Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. The sites aren't meant to be used by professionals who work in the field of nuclear security

Restricted data: the nuclear secrecy blog visualizing stockpile data what nukemap taught me about fallout firebombs u s 24.11.2014 - Restricted Data is a blog about nuclear secrecy, past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of science Leaflet.greatCircle.js. Leaflet.greatCircle.js is a plugin for Leaflet.js created by Alex Wellerstein in 2018, licensed under the MIT License.. This is a wrapper class for the Leaflet.js Polygon object that draws it as a great circle (i.e., showing true spherical paths) rather than a perfect circle that gets highly distorted at the poles or when rendered with a very large radii on the web. Staff Alex Wellerstein. Design Coordinator Program on Science, Technology and Society Non-Resident. Alex Wellerstein is the Design Coordinator for the Program on Science, Technology, and Society at the Harvard Kennedy School Posts about nuclear secrecy written by Christina MacPherson. The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry Fukushima Chernobyl Mayak Three Mile Island Atomic Testing Radiation Isotop

Nuclear technology transfer and nuclear weapons between China and the Soviet Union, and what that could mean for Southeast Asian Nuclear Studies - brief article review 16 Jul 2017 4 Sep 2017 After a hiatus of more than two months due to the call of responsibilities from a new job and deadlines, recent developments suggest to me that it is worth explorin For more information on nuclear weapons, please visit Alex Wellerstein's Restricted Data: Nuclear Secrecy Blog Hear the stories of the Manhattan Project Browse our collection of oral histories with workers, families, service members, and more about their experiences in the Manhattan Project

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Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog CS1 maint: discouraged parameter The Rush to Patent the Atomic Bomb. Npr.org CS1 maint: discouraged parameter Contributor: Alex Wellerstein. New Yorker CS1 maint: discouraged parameter This page was last edited on 14. Innehåll www.Nuclearsecrecy.com. ämnen: Command And Control, Atom Bombs, Picturing The Bomb, och Scott Carson. Populära sidor; nuclearsecrecy.com NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein - Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog ; blog.nuclearsecrecy.co.. Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog ; nuclearsecrecy.com NUKEMAP3D by Alex Wellerstein - Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog

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Its personnel may be depressed, but at least they're not launching nuclear weapons. By Russ Wellen. Following up on his story of the 17 launch crew members of the 91st Missile Wing at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., who were removed from active duty, Robert Burns of the Associated Press reports: Officers with a finger on the trigger of the Air Force's most powerful nuclear missiles are. One way of testing this argument is by looking for weaponization and operational observables prior to 1998, the period of secrecy, and the post-1998 decade, the period when India stepped out of the nuclear closet and claimed nuclear power status. Secrecy, or its lack thereof in this case, serves as the determining condition for a natural. I occasionally write articles for The New Yorker's Elements blog as well as other popular venues. My work has been cited in the New York Times , The Atlantic , the History Channel, Fox News , and even The Daily Show , among other venues.I am also the author of Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog , and the creator of the NUKEMAP, a popular nuclear weapons effects simulator Nuclear safety: A dangerous veil of secrecy. Who can the public trust on nuclear safety - the anti-nuclear camp, the nuclear lobby or academics funded by the latter Information Security. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) must protect classified and sensitive unclassified non-safeguards information (SUNSI) related to U.S. government programs for the physical protection and safeguarding of nuclear materials or facilities to ensure that such information is protected against unauthorized disclosure

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Tsar Bomba (in Russian, Царь-бомба) is the Western nickname for the Soviet RDS-220 (РДС-220) hydrogen bomb (code name Vanya). Detonated by the Soviet Union on October 30, 1961, Tsar Bomba is the largest nuclear device ever detonated and the most powerful man-made explosion in history Nuclear Weapon Archive; No Promised Land: The Shared Legacy of the Castle Bravo Nuclear Test, by April L. Brown (Arms Control Association) Castle Bravo at 60 (Restricted Data - the Nuclear Secrecy Blog) Glasstone Blogspot - declassified data on structures exposed Next featured nuclear test

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With plutonium from Dimona, Israel is widely believed to have become one of only nine nuclear-armed countries in the world. Given the secrecy surrounding its program, it remains unclear how many weapons it possesses. Analysts estimate Israel has material for at least 80 bombs Secrecy about naval nuclear propulsion should be seen as a vestige of a long ago time that is no longer appropriate in a world that could benefit greatly by having access to the flexible, reliable, emission-free systems developed for a valuable commercial application - reliable propulsion and power production that reduces dependence on increasingly costly hydrocarbon fuels

Herbert York, The Advisers: Oppenheimer, Teller, & the Superbomb by Herbert York For a more detailed government report on the Soviet Atomic Program, please see Central Intelligence Agency, National Intelligence Estimate 11-2A-62, Soviet Atomic Energy Program, (16 May 1962); For more information on nuclear weapons, please visit Alex Wellerstein's Restricted Data: Nuclear Secrecy Blog Continued secrecy, shown in stupidly brief minutes of official meetings, and entrenched attitudes lead to daft ideas like community-owned reactors Anti-nuclear protesters in Tokyo The Silliness of Secrecy. This is a great article on some of the ridiculous effects of government secrecy. (Unfortunately, you have to register to read it.) Ever since Sept. 11, 2001, the federal government has advised airplane pilots against flying near 100 nuclear power plants around the country or they will be forced down by fighter jets JASON is an independent group of elite scientists which advises the United States government on matters of science and technology, mostly of a sensitive nature. The group was created in the aftermath of the Sputnik launch as a way to reinvigorate the idea of having the nation's preeminent scientists help the government with defense problems, similar to the way that scientists helped in WWII. Congressional anger is growing over President Trump's efforts to secure a nuclear energy deal with Saudi Congress Blog; All Contributors Secrecy behind Saudi nuclear talks infuriates.

China's Nuclear Arsenal Is Getting Larger, But It Remains Far Smaller Than America's. Here's what we know about China's very secretive program He said that like the US, the UK's past commitment to transparency about its nuclear forces has set it apart from other nuclear powers: Both governments have rightly criticised China for its excessive nuclear secrecy, for example. Such opacity is irresponsible and undemocratic

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In case any in /r/nuclearweapons aren't aware of it, Restrricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog is amazing HBO will begin a five-part miniseries called Chernobyl on May 6, based on the nuclear accident in the Soviet Union. Viewers might see the Hollywood treatment and wonder what the relevance is outside the USSR. The short answer is: not much

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Mar 29, 2017 - Panels from How to Live with Atom, a cartoon printed by the Washington Post in 1947 (Nuclear Secrecy Blog I've long believed that wrongful secrecy about our nuclear policies has endangered the survival of civilization. In Restricted Data, Wellerstein shows us how the dawn of the American atomic age ushered in a new era of state secrecy that became permanently embedded in US governance and culture.It's a haunting look at the hidden mechanics of America's top-secret nuclear program, and it. A recent declassification decision by the Department of Defense illustrates the agency's chronic inability to make wise decisions when reviewing classified historical records. In this decision, Pentagon reviewers denied almost the entirety of a Joint Chiefs of Staff memorandum from 1969 that had already been declassified for years

Recently declassified documents reveal that in October 1969, President Richard Nixon ordered the U.S. military to go on nuclear alert. Nixon's decision to test his madman theory was meant to signal to leaders in Moscow and Hanoi his willingness to do whatever was necessary to end the war in Vietnam EXCLUSIVE/ Two independent sources told EURACTIV.com that the US has started transferring nuclear weapons stationed in Turkey to Romania, from The FAS Secrecy blog of August 2, 2016 The enigma about the fourth customer, who appears to work on a nuclear option with utmost secrecy, has never been solved, even though a resolution appears to become ever more urgent

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The best hope for unraveling China's nuclear secrets may be to make future U.S.-Russia nuclear arms cuts contingent on participation by China, India and Pakistan Nuclear Science Week. 3.1K likes. National Nuclear Science Week is designed to recognize the contributions of the nuclear science industry and those who work in it every day Nuclear Power Secrecy Abstract. Publication: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Pub Date: April 1956 DOI: 10.1080/00963402.1956.11453707 Bibcode: 1956BuAtS..12d.135 ADS Blog Project Switch to full ADS; Is ADS down? (or is it just me...) Smithsonian Institution; Smithsonian. On the other hand, it concentrated nuclear engineering projects for building nuclear weapons at the Ministry of Defense, which is completely controlled by the IRGC, so that with complete secrecy, it could keep the program out of view of any inspections by the IAEA within the NPT framework Not a Secret: Israel Has Submarines Armed With Nuclear Missiles. More countries have the nuclear triad besides Russia, China, and America

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This book constitutes an original archival history of government secrecy, public relations and the debate surrounding nuclear weapons in Britain from 1970 to 1983. The book contrasts the secrecy and near-silence of the Heath, Wilson and Callaghan governments on nuclear issues in the 1970s with the increasingly vocal case made for the possession of nuclear weapons by the first Thatcher. Washington, D.C., January 15, 2021 - The stationing of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe remains a controversial issue on both sides of the Atlantic. One of the less well-known cases involves the Netherlands, which first accepted atomic weapons shortly after the two governments signed a secret stockpile agreement in January 1960. That accord is part of a compilation of declassified documents. The American nuclear secrecy regime has evolved several times from its emergence in the late 1930s through our present moment in the early twenty-first century. Each chapter of this book explores a key shift in how nuclear secrecy was conceived of, made real in the world, and challenged At the end of last month, an evacuation order declared during the 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant power plant meltdown was lifted for residents of a small town in Fukushima Prefecture, the first time an area so close to the site was declared suitable for habitation. Yet, three years after Earthquake Tōhoku killed 15,000 people and triggered the nuclear accident, journalists seeking to. The nuclear industry's history of secrecy and cover-ups is only one reason; Tepco's incompetent and at times dishonest handling so far of the 2011 disaster and its aftermath has shattered what's left of people's trust. To exasperated observers,.

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This book examines India's nuclear program, and it shows how secrecy inhibits learning in states and corrodes the capacity of decision-makers to generate optimal policy choices.Focusing on clandestine Indian nuclear proliferation during 1980-2010, the book argues that efficient decision-making is dependent on strongly established knowledge actors, high information turnover and the capacity. Nuclear-news Yesterday at 11:37 PM Fukushima waste water plan won't win public confidence, no matter ho w hard Japan tries, Peter Wynn Kirby The nuclear industry's history of secrecy and cover-ups is only one reason Tepco's incompetent and at times dishonest handling so far of the 2011 disaster and its aftermath has shattered what's left of people's trust haaretz.com - Russian envoy says high-level talks in Vienna to salvage the 2015 agreement on Tehran's nuclear program are 'entering the drafting stage' High-level ynetnews.com - As Tehran and Washington are negotiating to rejoin 2015 pact, senior officials say 'Americans giving up more than the Iranians are asking for, they

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