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An interactive map of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) complete with a state-by-state breakdown, state maps, section highlights, length and highest elevation. The Pacific Crest Trail stretches a length of 2,659 miles from Mexico to Canada through three states: California, Oregon and Washington. Zoom to print PDF version The Pacific Crest Trail is relatively well-marked, but occasionally hikers encounter unmarked trail junctions. Even with maps, these junctions can sometimes be difficult to decipher. If you are lucky, a hiker ahead of you will have marked the correct path with an arrow or cairn , but sometimes it falls onto you to decide the way to Canada (or Mexico) In 2019 I set off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, 2,650 miles from Canada to Mexico. I did just that, and this is what I saw along the way..Please Like, Sha.. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) remains an iconic trail passing through California, Oregon and Washington. Several hundred hikers attempt the entire 2653 mile trek each year and many complete the trip without incident. However, in recent years as well as the deaths from falls and drownings, there have been some high profile disappearances from the PCT Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Section J - Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass Crossing through the stunning Alpine Lakes wilderness, this section is a must-do for serious Washington backpackers. This 75-mile section leads through some of the most beautiful, remote and varied surroundings along the PCT. https://www.wta

Why is the trail named Pacific Crest? The trail generally runs along the high crests of the Sierra and Cascades mountain ranges in California, Oregon and Washington. Has anyone ever hiked or ridden the whole trail? Many people have hiked the entire trail, some hiking the entire trail in one year The Pacific Crest Trail runs 2650 miles through California, Oregon and Washington, spanning between the US' borders with Mexico and Canada. It takes anywhere from four to six months of hiking, week by week, from one national park and wilderness area to the next The Pacific Crest Trail showcases alpine scenery up and down the state of Washington. Here, a tarn above Spectacle Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness reflects early morning light as Lemah. 500 miles in Washington (2,638 miles total). Extending all the way from Canada to Mexico, with National Scenic Trail status, the spectacular Pacific Crest Trail is one of this country's great long-distance wilderness trails. In Washington the trail crosses the Cascades, passing through North Cascades National Park and Mount Rainier National Park The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) meanders from the California-Mexico border north to the border of Washington and Canada. It's a rigorous trail, first envisioned in 1926 and now encompassing some 2,650 miles

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) travels from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington and is open to hikers and stock groups. About 18 miles of the trail passes through the South Unit of North Cascades National Park. PCT travelers fall into one of three categories Three women who helped protect the special lands in Washington State. Catherine Montgomery, mother of the Pacific Crest Trail; Esther Stark Maltby, who led a campaign to buy the old growth Federation Forest and save it from logging; and Anna Koontz who preserved her grandfather's cabin, home to the meeting where a Washington Territory was first proposed, and now the Jackson House State Park. The final state of my journey on the Pacific Crest Trail, Washington was a magical place to end it. Late august- Early September 201

Description. Along with the Continental Divide Trail and the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail is one of the Big 3 National Scenic Trails. It runs 2655 miles from Mexico to Canada, through the Sonoran & Mojave deserts, and then over the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges. The PCT crosses California, Oregon and Washington, and. Tami Asars is an outdoor-focused writer and nature photographer living in the Cascade foothills of Washington State. She is a PCT thru-hiker (Class of 2016), and author of a PCT guidebook focused on section hiking, Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Washington (Mountaineers Books) Hiker Resources for The Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and All Long Distance Trails. Our App is Available for iOS and Android! Washington 2228.9 mi Trout Lake, WA Washington. 4.5 (4 Ratings) 2294.9 mi White Pass, WA Washington. 3.3 (3 Ratings). Hitta perfekta Pacific Crest Trail bilder och redaktionellt nyhetsbildmaterial hos Getty Images. Välj mellan premium Pacific Crest Trail av högsta kvalitet In Oregon and Washington, the Pacific Crest Trail winds past rivers, peaks, forests, meadows, fascinating geological formations, and other natural wonders. Let our PCT gurus, Jordan Summers, Jeffrey P. Schaffer, and Andy Selters, help you with everything you need to know about this section of the 2,650-mile trail, which traverses 24 national forests, 37 wilderness areas, and 7 national parks

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Der Pacific Crest Trail ist ein rund 4265 Kilometer langer Fernwander- und Reiterweg im Westen der Vereinigten Staaten. Er verläuft parallel zum Pazifischen Ozean und führt entlang der Gebirgskämme der Sierra Nevada und der Kaskadenkette. Dabei durchquert der Weg die amerikanischen Bundesstaaten Kalifornien, Oregon und Washington. Der südliche Endpunkt des Pacific Crest Trails liegt im Süden der Ortschaft Campo an der Grenze der Vereinigten Staaten zu Mexiko, und der nördliche Endpunkt. The Best Day Hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail From Washington to California, here are nine of our favorite short treks along the famous route ( Photo: svetlana57/iStock There is no award for completing the walk from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington. But read about the journeys of so-called thru-hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and it is clear that the 2,650-mile (4,265-kilometer) hike changes you. Even walking a small segment of trail can connect you with the land, whether you access the PCT in desert, forest, or. Because the Pacific Crest Trail travels from Mexico to Canada, you can enjoy one of these hikes that are part of the Washington Pacific Crest Trail and close to Leavenworth. Surprise Lake #1060: Part of the Central Cascades Stevens Pass West area, Surprise Lake Trail is an 11.0 mile trail, roundtrip

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  1. Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) är en ankelansträngande, blåsinducerande långväga vandringsled som sträcker sig över 4 270 km, från Mexiko till Kanada genom Kalifornien, Oregon och Washington
  2. The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,665 mile (or so) long hiking trail from Mexico to Canada, located in the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. If you would like more information on the PCT itself, check out the Pacific Crest Trail Association's homepage
  3. Pacific Crest Trail #2000 - Washington. Area Status: Open This trail, which stretches from the Mexican to the Canadian border for 2,600 miles, originally reached the Columbia River Gorge in 1935. Private property rights and trail guidelines required a re-routing which in 1984 resulted in the modern trail
  4. Missing from the Pacific Crest Trail. 4,464 likes · 1,161 talking about this. News and information about the hikers who remain missing from the Pacific..
  5. The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles long and crosses 3 states from California to Washington. Pacific Crest Trail Veterans Name: Victor Martin Hometown: Middleton, ID Branch: United States Marine Corps MOS: Reconnaissance Man Service: 1985-2008 Deployments: Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan Name: Mike Morgan Hometown: La Pine, OR Branch: United States Army MOS: Civil Affairs Service
  6. Pacific Crest Trail in Washington. The northern-most 10 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington, just south of the Canadian border, pass through the Pasayten Wilderness. This short stretch, from Holman Pass to the top of Lakeview Ridge, is one of the most scenic sections of trail you'll find anywhere
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The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail stretches over 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada. It winds through chaparral hillsides and scorching bits of desert in Southern California. The trail traverses the high passes of the Sierra Nevada, then marches along the ridges of the Cascade Mountain's statovolcanoes on its way to the Canadian border Route. Het Pacific Crest Trail loopt langs de hoogste delen van de Sierra Nevada en de Cascade Range, die zo'n 160 à 240 km ten oosten van de Amerikaanse Stille Oceaankust liggen. Het pad begint in het zuiden in het plaatsje Campo (Californië) op de grens met Mexico.Van daaruit loopt het Pacific Crest Trail noordwaarts langs heuvelruggen en bergketens The Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) is a 1200-mile hiking trail running from the Continental Divide in Montana to the Pacific Ocean on Washington's Olympic Coast. Along the way, the PNT crosses three national parks, seven national forests, two other national scenic trails, and against the grain of several mountain ranges, including the Continental Divide, Whitefish Divide, Purcells, Selkirks. Pacific Crest Trail from Panther Creek is a 6.7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Carson, Washington that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and backpacking and is best used from May until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2,650-mile trail that traverses between Mexico and Canada and goes through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. Most PCT thru-hikers start in the spring from the Mexican border and head northbound (NOBO) in hopes to arrive in Canada before the cold and snow The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington. One of America's National Scenic Trails, the PCT reveals the beauty of the desert, the glaciated expanses of the Sierra Nevada, and the deep forests and commanding vistas of the Cascade Range

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North Fork of Bridge Creek as seen from the Pacific Crest Trail. K Doering . NOTICE: COVID-19 and the PCT — Visit the PCTA website and blog for information to postpone or cancel your trip for the 2020 summer season.. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) travels from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington and is open to hikers and stock groups The Pacific Crest Trail, or PCT, is a National Scenic Trail in the western United States that runs along the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges. The trail's southern terminus is at the U.S. border with Mexico, and its northern terminus is at the border with Canada. In total, the trail runs for 2,653 miles throu

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Join the North350Blades for some fun on this 3 day car camping project this spring helping to restore tread on the Pacific Crest Trail. Drainage issues have cause some serious cupping and slough has narrowed the trail. We will also take care of logout for this area The Pacific Crest Trail. The 2,650-mile Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, which begins at the Mexican border in California and follows the Sierra Nevadas and Cascades through Oregon and Washington to Canada, is a classic example of a back-door wilderness adventure The Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California, Northern California, and Oregon/Washington and the Pacific Crest Trail Data Book, all four by Wilderness Press. They tell me where, I am going, how to get there, side and alternate routes(a huge plus), histories, points of interest and much, much more

The 5.3 mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail from Rainy Pass to Cutthroat Pass is one of the most scenic stretches in Washington state. Gaining around 2,000 feet in elevation along a moderately graded and well maintained trail, the hike is really only moderately strenuous Pacific Crest-Washington Peak Trail Junction: 1988.8 5200 Coldwater Spring: 1986.4 5710 Pacific Crest-Washington Ponds Trail Junction: 1983.6 6120 Pacific Crest-Little Belknap Trail Junction: 1981.3 5280 McKenzie Pass Trailhead (Highway 242) 1980.2 5310 Pacific Crest-Lava Camp Lake Trail Junction: 1979.5 545 This site serves as a news and info resource for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon, and as a supplement to the guidebook, Hiking the PCT: Oregon.Here, you will find trail news, conditions reports (seasonal), trip planning tips, gear reviews, local resources and more The Pacific Crest Trail is a national park that runs parallel to the West Coast of North America. It goes north and south through California, Oregon, Washington, and ends in British Columbia, Canada. All together, it is roughly of serene..

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Pacific Crest Trail--Section K Stevens Pass to Stehekin August 28 the bridges still had not been repaired and those wishing to hike Section K in Washington were supposed to take the detour--a grueling set of up and down trails that would take hikers up 3,800 feet and then down 2,000 feet and then up 2,000 feet and then down 3,000 feet in. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Map Pack Bundle includes eleven Topographic Map Guides that cover the entire PCT as it traverses the incredible terrain of the Cascades of Oregon and Washington, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Mojave Desert of California. The maps start at the Canadian border deep in. The Pacific Crest Trail goes north/south through Washington and Oregon and presents spectacular views of the Cascade Range Volcanoes. The Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail presents spectacular views of many Cascade Range Volcanoes, with the highlight being traversing the base of Mount Hood. From near Siskiyou Summit (elev. 4,310?) in southern Oregon to the Washington border, this. Spanning more than 2,600 miles, the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (fs.fed.us) passes through three Western states as it winds its way border to border, from Mexico to Canada. The trail.

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Missing from the Pacific Crest Trail. 4,309 likes · 711 talking about this. News and information about the hikers who remain missing from the Pacific Crest Trail. For more information: www.pctmissing.or Le Pacific Crest Trail ou Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, abrégé PCT (Chemin des crêtes du Pacifique en français), est un sentier de grande randonnée et d'équitation de l'ouest des États-Unis. Allant de la frontière mexicaine à la frontière canadienne, il est long de 4 240 km.Il parcourt la plus grande partie de la Sierra Nevada et de la chaîne des Cascades (Cascade Range) Pacific Crest Trail: Chinook Pass to White Pass is a 27.3 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Paradise Inn, Washington that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, and backpacking and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail

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Spanning 2,650 miles from the U.S. border with Mexico to the border with Canada, this trail ranges from burning desert to often-snowy alpine terrain. Already popular, the Pacific Crest Trail gained even more hikers with the 2012 release of the memoir Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Distance: 2,650 miles. States: California, Oregon and Washington Pacific Crest Trail. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) extends 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada. It follows the crests of the mountain ranges in California, Oregon, and Washington, crossing 27 National Forests and 7 National Parks. At the border between Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park, the PCT reaches its highest elevation, 13,200 feet The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) which passes through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington is a famous 2,653 mi (4,270 km) long hiking and horseback riding trail. Its highest peak is at Forester Pass and is 13,153 feet high. Because of its fame, many bikers around the world are wondering can you bike the pacific crest trail

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The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) meanders from the California-Mexico border north to the border of Washington and Canada. It's a rigorous trail, first envisioned in 1926 and now encompassing some 2,650 miles. Each volume of this new series focuses on section-by-section pieces of the PCT and includes the following features The Pacific Crest Trail Blog List: PCT. Washington; Oregon; Northern California; The Sierra; Southern Californi Sea to Summit Mt. ShuttlesWebsite We are available 365 days a year and are willing to assist hikers throughout the Oregon/Washington regions of the Pacific Crest Trail. I will soon update our shuttle and transportation page to include the PCT and some more related info and return the link The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the world's great long-distance footpaths, hiked by thru-hikers, day hikers and backpackers Pacific Crest Trail | Justin Kernes Photography | Justin Kernes Photography. From May 5 to September 11, 2018 I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and photographed and journaled my experience. All five trail sections have been broken up into subsequent blogs found below

Pacific Crest Trail Images- Washington Posted on December 6, 2017 December 8, 2017 by pacificcresttrail566466217 These are images from the portion of the Pacific Crest Trail section in Washington Send updates to water@pctwater.com or phone/text (619) 734-7289 or (619) 734-PCTW [voice mail/text only, no one will answer]. These water reports are compiled from hiker updates, posts to the PCT-L, on-line trail journals, and other on-the-ground reports. These reports are provided as a free service to PCT hikers Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (1,200 miles) Launching from Glacier National Park and landing on the coast of Washington's emerald green Olympic Peninsula, the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail is arguably the most breathtaking thru-hike in the country

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Life on the Pacific Crest Trail is remarkably different from life at home. Without the creature comforts that so many of us are accustomed to, thru-hikers need to learn to survive and thrive in the wilderness. Over the course of 2,650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, thru-hikers come into contact with more than just mountains and wildlife The Pacific Crest Trail covers thousands of miles from here all the way into California. For this part of the trail you'll venture into some of the most beautiful sights Washington State has to offer. From sweeping valleys to snow covered mountains. Plan accordingly as this trail is not for beginners

The Bridge Creek Trail is one segment of the 2,650 mile (4240 km) Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which enters North Cascades National Park at High Bridge (via the Agnes Creek Trail) then follows the Old Wagon Trail to the Bridge Creek Trail. All told, 18 miles (29 km) of the PCT pass through the park This is a spectacular hike in a beautiful place, and is easily one of the finest sections of the PCT in Washington. Expect a long day with lovely views, good water stops, and no people. And a remarkable lack of climbing, given the terrain and the distance

On Sunday, July 22, 2018, I plan to start at the Canadian border for a self-supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) attempt of the 505-mile Washington Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) section. Announcement and more info: http://www.christofteuscher.com/wapctfkt. Tracking: http://bit.ly/WAPCTFK More than half of the federal land crossed by the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is officially designated as wilderness. There is the occasional road crossing, however, such as the Bridge of the Gods. The bridge spans the Columbia River and allows hikers to cross between Washington and Oregon Pacific Crest Trail, wilderness footpath and equestrian trail in the western United States. It extends from north to southeast some 2,650 miles (4,265 km). The trail follows the crests of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada ranges through Washington, Oregon, and California and passes through seven national parks

Snow has closed the PCT in Washington as early as mid-September. In a normal year, you should plan to be off the trail by October at the latest. Please be experts at winter travel and study the forecast and our snow information if you are traveling the Washington PCT section in the fall The blizzard arrived early, battering the hikers' tents and blowing snow inside that soaked their sleeping bags in the night. They were a group of three who'd met along the Pacific Crest Trail, 2,650 miles of unimaginable beauty, carved into the mountains of California, Oregon, and Washington.. They'd crossed wildflower-covered grasslands and ascended through stands of oak and pine. The southern stretch of Washington's Pacific Crest Trail passes by the 12,276-foot Mt Adams at one point, and to the north of this peak, it approaches even taller Mt Rainier.The highest point in the state, Mt Rainier tops out at 14,411 feet and is the main attraction in Mt Rainier National Park First published in 1974,The Pacific Crest Trail, Vol. 2, Oregon & Washington quickly established itself as the book trekkers could not do without. Now thoroughly updated and redesigned,Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon & Washington starts at the California-Oregon border and guides you to the edge of Canada. See details Running alongside Washington's Cascade Range, the Washington portion of the trail offers sights of Mount Rainier, Mount Adams and Glacier Peak along its over 500-mile route. According to Puyleart, she and Rollens split the long trail into six manageable sections based on a book called Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail Washington by.

Der Pacific Crest Trail ist ein 4280 Kilometer langer Fernwanderweg durch die westlichen Bundesstaaten der USA. Er führt von der mexikanischen Grenze nordwärts durch Kalifornien, Oregon, Washington und British Columbia (Kanada) und überwindet dabei über 120 000 Höhenmeter Il Pacific Crest Trail (in italiano, Sentiero delle creste del Pacifico), comunemente abbreviato in PCT, e conosciuto occasionalmente anche come Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, è un sentiero escursionistico pedestre ed equestre strettamente allineato con la porzione più alta delle catene montuose della Sierra Nevada e delle Cascate, che giacciono da 160 a 240 km ad est della costa. All three Pacific Crest Trail Pocket Atlases in a special thru-hiker edition slipcase. Each pocket-sized guidebook measures 4.5 x 7.5 x 0.2 inches and weighs less than 4 ounces. Detailed topographic maps for 2,650 miles of trail from the Mexico Border to the Canada Border In Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon and Washington, you'll meet up with the PCT at the California border and hike, climb, descend, and switchback your way to the edge of Canada. Written by accomplished hikers who have each logged over 5,000 trail miles, this book helps you locate the trail and side trips, find water sources, and access resupply routes The Pacific Crest Trail stretches 2,650 miles from California's border with Mexico, through Oregon and on to Washington's border with Canada. Hikers can opt for a developed campground and make roundtrip walks on the trail or head out for a long-distance trek through the woods, setting up camp in the wilderness

Being from Washington State, the Pacific Crest Trail comes up in lots of conversations off and on. So going to its Southern Terminus was a pretty cool and no cost way to explore on New Years Day. After visiting Tecate, BC, Mexico we drove for about 10 minutes maybe to Campo, California where the PCT Southern Terminus is. Just follow the signs Pacific Crest Trail Elevation Profile. Postholer.Com Resource for Hikers. COVID-19 Status & Maps Daily status of the COVID-19 pandemic and its relationship to the trails. Printed Maps & App Stay found. Stay informead. Our premium printed topographic maps and matching app for a once in a lifetime adventure Section H of the Pacific Crest Trail runs 147.5 miles from the Bridge of the Gods in the Columbia River Gorge, at the border of Oregon and Washington states, to White Pass near Mount Rainier in central Washington. This portion of the trail skirts the base of Mount Adams and ambles across Goat Rocks Wilderness, ending just south of the crown jewel of the Cascades — 14,411-foot Mount Rainier

The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail is an epic journey of over 2650 miles (4260 km) in length and is one of the most popular thru-hiking trails in the United States. Its path travels from the US-Mexico border to the northern US-Canada border, passing through California, Oregon, and Washington The Pacific Crest Trail is the crown jewel of West Coast hikes, stretching roughly 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada. It spans the entire length of California, Oregon, and Washington, passing. Pacific Crest Trail Washington. Mountains and Pleasures — Pacific Crest Trail Washington. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Mountains and Pleasures. Excitement, adventure and beauty. Tom Griffin's Pacific Crest Trail Site . The trail in Washington's Goat Rocks Wilderness. 2006 PCT Trip: Rainy Pass to Canada; 2005 PCT Trip: Stevens Pass to Stehekin; Directions for Crossing the White River on PCT Detour near Glacier Peak; 2004 PCT Trip: Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass The trail has become a template for the time ahead of me, with no northern terminus in sight. My experience on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) helps me consider the endgame, and the life I want to.

Goat Rocks Wilderness: 8 days and 80 Miles on the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington Story and Photos Contributed by Tenley Lozano + Elu the Mutt. Sitting on a stack of rocks next to the trail just south of Packwood Glacier, I stare at an alpine lake in the distance and think about how we got here Pacific Crest Trail (fullt navn: The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, forkortet: PCT) er en merket tursti og hestevei i det vestlige USA.Stien er lagt nær de høyeste delene av fjellkjedene Sierra Nevada og Kaskadefjellene, som ligger mellom 160 og 240 kilometer fra Stillehavskysten i USA.. Stiens sørlige endepunkt ligger ved USAs grense mot Mexico, like sør for Campo i California Hiking: Our Pacific Crest Trail hiker reaches Washington state. He survives two days of wretched downpours and is rewarded with '9 incredible miles' along Crater Lake in Oregon Trail Stats: 2,650 miles // Level: Easy to Most Difficult The Pacific Crest Trail was started in 1926 and spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. It reveals the beauty of the desert, unfolds the glaciated expanses of the Sierra Nevada, travels through deep forests, and provides commanding vistas of volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range

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Post Fires, a Broken Pacific Crest Trail By K.M. Collins I t's been a little over one week since the start of the official Pacific Crest Trail hiking season on March 1, and according to Scott Wilkinson of the PCT Alliance, only approximately 75% of the normal number of long-distance permits have gone out The Pacific Crest Trail or PCT is a hiking trail that passes through three states, including California, Oregon, and Washington and even has hiking highlights straight into Canada. Hiking the entirety of the trail will rack up 2,659 miles on a Fitbit, making the PCT 500 miles longer than the Appalachian Trail Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Washington is written by Tami Asars. Tami grew up in western Washington playing in the North Cascades. She teaches classes on backpacking basics, lightweight backpacking, and more. The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) meanders from the California-Mexico border north to the border of Washington and Canada Media in category Pacific Crest Trail in Washington The following 59 files are in this category, out of 59 total High quality Pacific Crest Trail gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours

PCT Oregon 1998 Brian and MartinaPacific Crest Trail Segments • HikeArizonaPacific Crest Trail MapsAbout the PCT | Two Sister Trails, One CelebrationOlympic Mountains East Map - Green Trails #168SX
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