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2018 Force Wave Sails. Whether looking for versatility or power, our responsive Force wave sails deliver exceptional control and even power distribution suitable for a wide variety of wave conditions. Check out the FORCE IV Performance Wave sail HERE. More info on the FORCE V Power Wave sail HERE 2018 Thrust WS 1 | Windsurf Foil. The Thrust WS 1 was developed with Robby Naish to be the ultimate easy access fun foil system. Thanks to its modified delta platform, it launches early, provides excellent flight stability, yet never becomes unmanageable at speed The Noa is the original 7-batten, no-cam slalom sail, drawing its DNA directly from Naish's decades of slalom and racing experience. Sails. 2018 LIFT PAGE 32-33. 2018 FORCE IV PAGE 34-37. Windsurf Sails . Windsurf Boards . Windsurf Rigs . Harnesses . Hydrofoils. Latest News . Naish Proudly Welcomes Z Schettewi to the International Windsurfing Team . Say Aloha to Naish's Newest Windsurfing International Team Rider - Justyna Sniady . Ricardo Campello's First Hookipa Sessions with Naish Sails . Naish Welcomes World Champion. Recent Posts. Wind/Wing Foils; Ricardo Campello Charging Pe'ahi; How to Stalled Forward Loop with Ricardo Campello; Naish Ride University: How to Backloop with Ricardo Campell

The Naish Force FIVE 2018 is the universal sail bumb&jump that provides exceptional power and speed. Very light, provides instantaneous acceleration, early planing and excellent control in both waves are flat water. Excels in a variety of conditions including onshore, side-shore and in strong wind conditions Naish Kiteboarding | 2018 Catalog For decades, Naish has pioneered the evolution of kiteboarding. We've been helping athletes go harder, higher and faster season after season.. Naish Noa 2018/2019 7,8qm black/yellow. Short supply. Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays. Add to basket. Naish Sails Force Four 2019 4,7qm white/red Duotone Pro Shop, Gaastra Pro Shop, Naish Pro Shop, Neilpryde Pro Shop, Point-7 Pro Shop, RRD Pro Shop, Severne Pro Shop, Killing Offer, North Sails

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  1. Naish USA Ecommerce store selling the best Kiteboarding, SUP, Foil, Sails Filter Close menu. 2018; Product Menu KITE Kites Surfboards Twin Tips Kite Foilboards Kite Foils Bars Harness.
  2. Naish is a brand that celebrates our divers range of products across multiple sports. For decades, windsurf continues to stand as the heart and soul of the b..
  3. Naish Sail SL 5.8m² 2018 2 Camber Slalom, Naish Sail SL 6.4m² 2018 2 Camber Slalom, Naish Sail SL 7.0m² 2018 3 Camber Slalom, Naish Sail SL 7.8m² 2018 3 Camber Slalom, Naish Sail SL 8.6m² 2018 3 Camber Slalom, Naish Sail SL 9.2m² 2018 3 Camber Slalo
  4. Naish introduces 2018 Boards and Sails collection. Windusrf equipment: 2018 Naish collection. WELCOME TO 2018. A testament to the collaboration between passionate athletes and engineers, our 2018 line is a product of thoughtful development, rigorous testing and meticulous engineering
  5. Windsurf Sails; Windsurf Boards; Windsurf Rigs; Wing-Surfer; Hydrofoils; Harnesses; Accessories; Dealer Locator; News. Team; Videos; Recent News; Recent Posts. Wind/Wing Foils; Ricardo Campello Charging Pe'ahi; How to Stalled Forward Loop with Ricardo Campello; Naish Ride University: How to Backloop with Ricardo Campello; Naish Ride.
  6. For example, in 6-10knts the 5.7 manufacture setting is 194cm for the outhaul and I will set it at 186cm. What that does is it really bags the sail out and gives me uber low end pumping power to get going in light winds. It works amazingly well! That is why I don't ever need a sail bigger then this 5.7 Naish Lift for WWF. Who is this sail for
  7. Sizes: 78, 82, 89In a continuing collaboration with elite waveriders Kai Lenny and Bernd Roediger, the Hardline delivers superior, surf-style performance in.

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The SL is Naish's premium slalom sail, designed to plane early and go fast with minimal effort.Available sizes: 5.2, 5.8, 6.4, 7.0, 7.8, 8.6, 9.2See more at:.. Naish: Naish Sails Lift 2019 6,4qm yellow/grey - Naish Noa 2018/2019 7,8qm black/yellow - Naish S25 Airmax2 Kite Pump - Naish Sails Lift 2019 5,7qm yellow/ Naish continues to progress the windsurf foiling with the brand new 2020 Windsurf 1150 foil.Built from the success of the Thrust WS, the Windsurf 1150 keeps.

Naish introduces its 2018 windsurfing equipment collection/La Naish presenta la sua collezione di attrezzatura da windsurf 2018 Sizes: 12'6 x 24, 12'6 x 26, 14'0 x 24, 14'0 x 26, 14'0 x 28Grown out of the success of its predecessor, the Maliko Carbon continues to evolve to b.. Windsurf Segel: Point-7 Sick 2,4qm - Naish Noa 2018/2019 7,8qm black/yellow - Naish Sails Lift 2019 4,7qm yellow/grey - Naish SL 2018/2019 8,6qm black/whit

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Robby Naish Honored as Inductee to Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame. naishfoiling naishfoiling naishfoiling naishfoiling naishfoiling naishfoiling naishfoiling naishfoiling naishfoiling naishfoiling. Hi there, I have 2020 Naish Force4 sails for sale. It was a very windy season and as a smaller girl I didn't get to unpack anything bigger then 4.5 I have two brand new 4 batten sails (with vario-tops) up for grabs: 4,7 (Luff: 400; Boom: 160; mast 400) - 900AUD - available and 5,0 (Luff: 410; Boom: 164; mast 400 + 10 extention) - 900AUD - SOLD Also available 2021 Naish Force4 Blue 5.0 - 1100.

Windsurf Sails: North Sails S-Type 8,8qm 2017 C15 orange/blue - Naish Sails Lift 2019 6,4qm yellow/grey - Naish Sails Lift 2019 4,7qm blue/white - Naish Sa Recent Posts. Hover Wing Foil Boards; Casper Steinfath + Caroline Küntzel Sweep the Podium at the 1st Stop of the Danish SUP Tour; S25 Hover Crossove Naish Jet foils feature a medium aspect ratio delta-wing planform with moderate anhedral to deliver the optimum combination of early lift, speed, and turning ability. These wings are the ideal choice for foil surfing as well as a wide range of disciplines from windsurfing and wing-surfing to downwind kite foiling Naish Titan. The Naish Titan 120 is a proven model from Naish. Now for 2018 it comes foil ready, extra side boxes ready to accept the Naish Thrust Foil. The great thing about the Naish Titan is that it is a windsurfer freeride board that can be used asfor windfoiling. Best of both worlds View a 2018 Severne Overdrive M1 for sale in Queens Park,WA in the seabreeze.com.au Buy & Sell Classifieds. Used,2nd hand,ex-demo & superceeded gear sale. Severne Overdrive M1 5 metre windsurfing sail for sal

Click here to browse our ever changing stock of ex-demo and used windsurf sails all available to buy at unbeatable prices. We often have stock of top brands such as Gaastra, Neil Pryde, Ezzy, Simmer, North, Goya and many more. Get in touch today to bag your next bargain from Puravida Boardriders JET 1050 + 1250 Naish Jet foils feature a medium aspect ratio delta-wing planform with moderate anhedral to deliver the optimum combination who prefer to ride with minimal sail size and put emphasis on early takeoff and maneuverability or riders who prefer to sail with bigger sails and more focus... $1,305.00. Out of stock Compare.

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Check out the all new wing-surfer, as well as cutting-edge kiteboarding, windsurfing, stand up paddle boards and gear from Naish International Perfecting the trend in shorter/wider/thinner freeride boards, the Hover Titan 120 offers extremely early planing and great all-around freeride performance w.. REPRESENTANTE DE NAISH EN ARGENTINA Read more... NAUTICA URBAN. No Comments . Favorite. SURF SHOP Read more... JAN SURF. No Comments . Favorite. surf shop Read more... SURF & SNOW. No Comments . Favorite. surf shop Read more... BEST WIND SHOP. No Comments . Favorite. surf shop Read.

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Naish Mana GTW 2018 Red Paddle CO 2017 model 10.6 ride-free leash Sold out see current special on 2018 $ 1,599.00 $ 1,399.00 NSP SUP Element Cruise 10'2″ Last two $ 1,500.00 $ 1,100.0 Una delle factory che si sta ben muovendo in questo primo scorcio di 2017 è sicuramente Naish Sails, che dopo avere semplificato a portato di umano, la gamma wave che conta ora di due sole linee Force a 4 e 5 stecche, torna nel mondo dello slalom, introducendo la nuova SL, una vela a due camber e sei stecche nelle misure piccole (5.2, 5.8, 6.4) e tre camber e sette stecche nelle. 2018 Naish Lift quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Categories: Masts, Sails, Windsurfing. Description Description. The Lift is a lightweight sail developed specifically for foiling and perfectly matched to the early take-off and smooth flight of the Naish Thrust WS foil The Naish Mana range is one of the most popular models from Naish. It is an all round wide body paddle board. look for Naish Mana at Jay Sails 040985475

Windsurfing Perth sock a HUGE range of windsurfing equipment from JP Australia, Neil Pryde, Tabou, Gaastra and Naish. One of the biggest ranges of used gear in Australia! Windsurfing Perth's range of sails The Noa is the original 7-batten/no-cam slalom sai features a clean, aerodynamic shape and deep, powerful draft that delivers a crisp, balanced feel and straight-line speed that rivals modern cam sails Fast, easy to rig and offering great handling during jibes the NOA is ideal for intermediate-to-advanced slalom sailors looking to step up their slalom [ 2018 Naish Sail Force Four 3.4-5.7 Menge. In den Warenkorb. Artikelnummer: n.a. mehr von Naish. Beschreibung ; Rezensionen (0) FAQ ; Beschreibung. Whether looking for versatility or power, our responsive Force wave sails deliver exceptional control and even power distribution suitable for a wide variety of wave conditions

Jay Sails Have access to all Naish Paddle boards, call for the best price / Package deal. Naish the biggest selling SUP brand in the country and globally!! Best price in Australia, Naish is the most popular brand by far. Freight in Tassie usually overnight, any where else then please contact. Stand Up Paddle- 2019 Naish GT View a 2018 Gaastra Gaastra Vapour 5.6 2018 Race for sale in Myaree,WA in the seabreeze.com.au Buy & Sell Classifieds. Used,2nd hand,ex-demo & superceeded.. A first look! The brand new Naish Hover foil and Thruster windsurfing board 122 and maybe the most impressive...the sail is only 5.7!! Coming soon!! SAILS. Home Naish KiteBoarding, Kitesurfing, Wingsurfing, Windsurfing Shop WIND SURFING SAILS. EZZY ELITE 2018 R 8,250.00. Add to cart. SAILS WIND SURFING. EZZY TAKA 4.5 2015 R 4,500.00. Select options. SAILS WIND SURFING. NAISH KITEBOARDING SOUTH AFRICA.


  1. Naish Naish Force 4.5 Four -... $375: 2020 Wave Sails - 4.5m: $450: 2014 Volt - 4.5m: $200: 2013 Neil Pryde Thefly - 4.5m: $270: 2011 Naish Session - 4.5m: $400: 2011 Neil Pryde Thefly2 - 4.5m: $390: Gaastra Gaastra 4.6 Wave Fits On... $35: KA Sails Kaos 4.7 - 4.7m: $325: 2020 Severne Blade - 4.7m: $790: 2018 Neil Pryde Combat - 4.7m: $600.
  2. ate Body Panel
  3. 2008 - 2017 naish session - offshore (dtl) wave sails $ 350.00 - $ 749.00 view; sale! 2009 - 2017 naish force - onshore power wave sails $ 649.00 - $ 949.00 view; sale! 2018/19 naish noa - no-cam slalom sails $ 949.00 - $ 979.00 view; sale! 2018/19 naish sl - slalom race sails $ 899.00 - $ 999.00 view; sale! 2018/19 naish.
  4. Duotone Sails JOIN THE POWER OF A NEW ERA. We spend vast amounts of time testing and tuning our sails. We bring every SAIL to the point where it will satisfy just about any user. Check out the new Duotone Sail Range 2021 and join the power of a new era DUOTONE - DEDICATED TO WINDSURFING SINCE 1981. SAILS 2021: SAILS 2020

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2018/19 naish noa - no-cam slalom sails $ 949.00 - $ 979.00 view; sale! 2018/19 naish sl - slalom race sails $ 899.00 - $ 999.00 view; sale! 2018/19 naish sprint - no-cam freeride $ 799.00 - $ 849.00 view; sale! 2019 naish force - onshore power wave sails $ 1,089.00 $ 899.00 view; crossover rig $ 499.00 - $ 849.00 view; fun 4.0m. Meet the new Naish foil range - the Jet, Jet HA, Wind/Wing, and Kite foils. Our modular system allows you to mix and match to create your perfect setup for your exact needs. With our expansive new range, you're sure to find the foil to match your style All new un-used 2008 Naish Session Wave Sails. Sizes available are: 2 x 5.0m The ultimate in durability and performance in the down the line wave sailing, the legendary Naish Session gives you all the confidence to sail like a pro. Colours available

The Playak Factor is an online attention meter for paddling athletes and brands NAISH Greece Official e-shop for windsurf, Kiteboard, Stand Up Paddle, Surf, Wing-Surf and Accessories. Call us: +30 210 6856937 Sign in. shopping_cart Cart (0) Windsurf Boards Sails Foil Rig Parts.

Freerace sails. Ludicrous speed and easy rigging do not have to be antagonist. Mark 2 Pro Freerace 6 Batten, 2 Cam. Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten, No Cam. Mark X Pro Freerace 6 Batten. Freeride sails. Blazing a trail and being all at ease about it. Nexus Pro Freeride 5 Batten. Youth & Trainer sails. First steps and young steps Sail and Surf Pelzerhaken / Naish Pro Center, Neustadt, Germany. 2,373 likes · 36 talking about this · 2,695 were here. Aloha! SAIL & SURF PELZERHAKEN ist der wichtigste Spot rund um den Wassersport.. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD | Find Your Match With the NEW Naish S25 Kites . Peri Roberts is Crowned 2nd Overall at the GKA World Tour in Cabo Verde . Christophe Tack Joins the Naish Lineup for 2020 . Say Aloha to Helena Brochocka - Naish's Newest International Team Rider . Louka Pitot Joins The Naish International Kiteboarding Tea

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Get to know the Naish Foil line-up . The new foil range from Naish is out now and features everything from beginner friendly setups to boards and foils for the out and out racer! Get acquainted with them all below.. Images: Frankie Bees . Hover 130. The Hover 130 foil board is the perfect way to take your foiling to the next level - unbeatable prices for the last 2020 sails - 10% on Booms, Young Guns, Harnesses, Accessories - 15% on Masts, Neoprenes, Surf Bags - 20% on WindSUP Boards, SUP Sails, Fins . GET READY FOR THE STORMY SEASON. NEW COLLECTION. SAILS 2021. ON SALE. SAILS 2020. MASTS -15 %. MASTS. BOOMS -10 %. BOOMS. COMPLETE YOUR EQUIPMENT. HY-FOIL FR 900. HY-FOIL. Goya windsurfing boards and sails are consistently rated the highest amongst professionals and recreational sailors. Come explore the experience

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YOUR ONE WING SOLUTION . LEARN MORE THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME LEARN MORE Wing-Surfer . Foilboards . Hydrofoil Naish Kiteboarding Pivot is an all-around kitesurf kite. Check out kitefinder.com and view all the kitesurfing reviews, shop prices, Movie Naish Torque control bar 2018. Video Review Naish Pivot vs Naish Slash 2018. Movie Naish Pivot 2018. Details: Riding type: Freeride/Allroun Naish 2018 Naish Quest 10'8 SUP. $ 1,439.00 Quick View Naish Naish One Inflatable 12'6 SUP. $ 1,239.00 Quick View Naish 2018 Maliko 14'0 X26 Carbon SUP. $ 3,239.00 Quick View Naish 2018 Maliko 12'6 X24 Carbon SUP. $ 2,929.00 Quick View Naish 2018 Naish. The Naish Kitefoil range has been increasewd to 5 boards this season, something for everyone. Buy the Naish Hover Kite Foil Boards at jay sails. 040985475 / Windsurfing / Sails / Foiling / 2018/19 NAISH SPRINT - NO-CAM FREERIDE. Sale! 2018/19 NAISH SPRINT - NO-CAM FREERIDE $ 799.00 - $ 849.00. The Sprint is a test-winning no-cam sail that is fun, fast and lightweight

Robby Naish has just dropped this action packed clip filmed in Hawaii during January 2021 well worth a watch. The biggest swell of the winter so far. A bit of windsurfing at Jaws followed by a wing-foil session back home. Via Robby Naish including onshore, side-shore, and high-wind bump-and-jump also an ideal match for heavier riders who are [ Windsurfing sails are used to generate power to sail across the water. EZZY LION 2018-2019 Windsurfing Sail Sale! $ 625.00 - $ 739.00 Select options; Naish Lift Foil Sail 2020 $ 615.00 - $ 715.00 Select options; Ezzy Hydra Sport Foil Windsurfing Sail Naish Sails South Africa. 226 likes. Importers and distributors of Ezzy and Naish premium windsurfing sails

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Tweet NAISH WINDSURF MICRO HOVER 131 BOARD & 1150 FOIL 2019 TEST REVIEW. THEY SAY FOIL - The 2020 Windsurf Foil Set 1150 takes windsurf foiling to a new level. With foil racing developing into a very high-end corner market, not viable for non-racing, we've created a foil set that closes the gap from first time foiling to performance freerace foiling Big Winds carries North America's largest selection of Naish windsurfing sails for sale and rent. Located in the Columbia River Gorge, we thoroughly test Naish's latest models like the Force IV, Force V, Noa, and Sprint, as well as their foiling sail, the Lift. Our windsurfing school, 30 years strong, allows us to se Buy the Naish Pivot 2018 Kite from King of Watersports. Easy-handling, well-rounded and incredibly versatile. Free Delivery Availabl

NEIL PRYDE WIZARD 2018 | nicosurfHeritage Archive - Mistral Water life and living since 19762018 gear pics | Windsurfing Forums, page 1Windsurf MagazineFANATIC BLAST 115L TE 2018 TEST REVIEWMistral Naish Hawaii 8
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